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*Fares apply per person based on a trip for two persons. Indicated fares are the lowest available based on a return flight, excl. a €10 booking fee, €10 SGR-contribution, €2.50 for calamity fund and any credit card costs and/or local fees. Prices may vary based on fare availability for flight, hotel and/or car.

We can’t wait to see your adventures!

Planning on booking a trip with Transavia Holidays before the 28th June 2022? Then you will get a €30 gift voucher from us, to write down your memories in a digital journal by Transavia Diaries. Share your stories with friends and family on the go, and order a print version for your bookshelf at the end.

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About Transavia Diaries

With Transavia Diaries you can design your own travel journal online with text, photos, and roadmaps. You also have a variety of fun layouts and styles to choose from. You can, for example, give your title a cheerful bright colour, or change the font. With the image boxes, you can have space in your diary to put your flight tickets, for example.

When do you get the gift voucher?

Have you booked your trip with Transavia Holidays? Then you will receive an email with your personal code within a week. With it you will get a €30 discount for a travel diary, which is exactly enough to order a soft cover, 40 page book for FREE.

Create your very own travel diary

Want to start right away? Here is what you need to do:

  1. Download the app for iOS or Android, or get creative in the web application, which you can access from all computers and tablets;

  2. Create an account for free

  3. Get started on your travel diary by adding stories, photos, and maps;

  4. Share your stories with friends and family (optional);

  5. Finished with your diary? All that’s left to do is to click on “order” and fill in your voucher code.

The advantages of Travel Diaries

  1. Easily switch between devices
    Work online in the web editor or download the mobile app for iOS and Android. You can switch between devices at any moment.

  2. Save your work safely
    Your travel diary will be safely saved in the cloud.

  3. Work directly online
    You don’t have to download any programmes on your computer. You can log in from anywhere in the world and continue working on your diary.

  4. A gorgeous print book
    When you’re finished, you can order your diary in an A5 or A4 format, with your own choice of various covers and paper types, and with your own cover photo.

“Create a personal travel diary and don’t let your memories fade away.”

Campaign conditions

The discount cannot be combined with other offers. The discount will not be extended to the shipping costs. Would you prefer a hardcover book, or does your diary have more than 40 pages? Then you will have to pay for the additional cost yourself.