Fly & Drive

*Fares apply per person based on a trip for two persons. Indicated fares are the lowest available based on a return flight, excl. a €10 booking fee, €10 SGR-contribution, €2.50 for calamity fund and any credit card costs and/or local fees. Prices may vary based on fare availability for flight, hotel and/or car.

Visit as many destinations as you want at your own tempo

A Fly & Drive is a roundtrip, which includes flights and a rental car. Do you want to go to Italy with your friends? Visit Austria with your family? Or have you dreamed of taking your loved one to France? Fly & Drive lets you see so much more of your destination. On top of that, it gives you the freedom and independence that no other way of travelling can offer. Whenever you book a Fly & Drive holiday, you get all of Transavia Holiday's perks. This way you can count on getting a great price, a money-back-guarantee, a reimbursement guarantee, and the best accommodations.

Travel with Sunny Cars
Auto Mallorca

Enjoy an all-inclusive car from Sunny Cars

Ever wished you could explore your destination on arrival, with your own rental car? Rent a car from our partner Sunny Cars. The following features are included in the rental price of your car:

  • An all-in car hire package

  • All insurances included

  • Refund of own risk in case of damage

  • Flexible changes or cancellations

  • 24/7 customer support

A good start to your holiday

Do you want to see as much of a place as possible, but don’t want to travel endlessly? Consider a Fly & Drive holiday. Fly over to your destination and have a fresh start to your journey. Whether you decide on a route along the coast, through the mountains, or along the cultural highlights: with a Fly & Drive, you can drive freely and decide for yourself when and where you want to have a pitstop.

“With a Fly & Drive holiday you can explore all of your destination’s high points. Drive from A to B with your rental car, and stop for the most interesting spots along the way.”

The advantages of a Fly & Drive

Aside from freedom, a Fly & Drive has lots of advantages. When you book a Fly & Drive, your rental car is tailored to your destination, so there will be no surprises to come. And after the roundtrip, you don’t have to worry about a long ride home. Simply get on the plane and you’ll be home in a flash.

Fly & Drive destinations in Europe

Europe has everything you need for an unforgettable Fly & Drive holiday. You can, for example, fly to Portugal and explore the Azores’ Algarve. Or, how about Italy? Drive along lakes, through the Alps, and finally, to the tip of the boot. Would you rather go to Spain? Andalusia is one of the most popular destinations for a Fly & Drive. Here you can enjoy the monumental cities, white villages and mouth-watering food. Aside from Andalusia, the Canary Islands are also popular for a lovely Fly & Drive holiday.