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Krakau, a true cultural center with a rich history

Culture city of Krakow lies in the south of Poland. Its city centre is filled with beautiful 13th century historic buildings. The Main Square or Rynek Glowny, is the vibrant heart of Krakow. In addition to unique architecture and many attractions, Krakow also offers fun bars and cafés for a night on the town. Visit a vodka bar or a cellar café in one of the historic buildings. Do you prefer an organised trip? With Transavia Holidays you can yourself define your trip. Book your flight, pick your favourite hotel and reserve a rental car or activity.

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The medieval city square

Rynek Glowny (literal translation: Big Market) is a must-see attraction! This centuries-old market square is the size of about two football fields, making it one of the largest city centre squares in Europe. In the middle of the square you will find the Cloth Halls, the former epicentre of trade in the 15th century. Today you can shop endlessly here for the best souvenirs in Poland. Visit the first floor of the Cloth Halls to admire an exhibit of 19th century Polish paintings.

The former merchant mansions that line the square have now been transformed into lively restaurants and cafés. This is the perfect place to take a break from your shopping and watch the romantic carriages ride by.

Look out over the city like the lord or lady of the castle

Make sure you visit famous Wawel castle, a must-see during your stay. From the Rynek Glowny it's only a 15-minute walk to reach this magnificent building. In the courtyard you will find the large Wawel cathedral. The castle stands on a hill and offers a beautiful view of the Wisla river. You can buy tickets to visit the interior of the castle. Tour the treasury, the armoury and a bedroom, or climb up the Sandomierska tower. Want to make sure you have a ticket and avoid long lines? Just add the Krakow Skip the Line tour when booking. It's a real timesaver!

“Unique architecture, bustling patios and a trip back in time with a visit to historic attractions.”

A visit to Auschwitz

From Krakow it's about a 1,5-hour drive to the Auschwitz concentration camp. This camp is a poignant reminder of the Holocaust in the Second World War. With Transavia Holidays you can choose from 5 different tours to plan an organised visit to this unique monument. You can also book a full day tour and combine your visit to Auschwitz with the Wieliczka salt mine. The oldest salt mine in the world, operations here began in 1044.

And now let's eat!

After a day of exploring culture and heritage, Krakow's fine dining scene awaits you! In Krakow, you will find a restaurant or café on practically every street corner. And the attractive low prices make eating out fun and affordable! This is an excellent opportunity to sample traditional Polish cuisine. One of the most famous dishes is ‘pierogi’. These filled dough dumplings come in dozens of varieties. But Krakow is also home to Asian, Italian, (South) American or Jewish/Israeli restaurants, offering some of the most diverse foreign cuisine in Poland. ‘Smacznego!’ or bon appétit ;)

After a day of exploring, it's time for a delicious meal. In Krakow, you will find a restaurant or café on practically every street corner. Make sure to taste the traditional Polish cuisine. One of the most famous dishes is ‘pierogi’, or stuffed dough dumplings. But Poland also features many other types of foreign cuisine. Smacznego, bon appétit!