Alpe d’Huez

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A sunny destination in the French Alps

Want to enjoy a holiday in the French Alps? Alpe d’Huez boasts about 300 days of sun a year, which is why the region is also sometimes called Isle du Soleil (island of the sun). This makes it the perfect place to spend a holiday in both summer and winter. While this region of France is closely associated with the Tour de France, it’s also a great destination for winter sports. Book your flight, accommodations and activities with Transavia Holidays and feast your eyes on the local scenery.


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A perfect summertime holiday destination

Are you looking for a holiday in the mountains? Alpe d’Huez is a beautiful place for an active vacation or simply relaxing with the whole family. Wherever you stay, you will breathe in the clean air of nature. Lace up your hiking boots, because there are over 250 kilometres of hiking trails here. In summer, you can luge, go canoeing on the River la Rive, climb or go horseback riding. And if the weather is less than fine, spend a day exploring the indoor Adventure Park Vertigo.

Snow-covered fun on the big slopes

Alpe d’Huez boasts a skiing area with a wide range of slopes. Are you a winter sports fanatic? Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skier, there are plenty of choices here. The higher up the mountain you go, the more exciting and challenging the descents. The highest peak, Pic Blanc (3,323 metres), is accessible by cable car. The view from the top is absolutely breathtaking! Thanks to the long winter season, there is sure to be enough snow in the Grandes Rousses region. All the villages surrounding Alpe d’Huez can be reached via the ski slopes. Purchase a ski pass online before leaving home or at the ski lifts when you arrive. Worked up an appetite? Discover great slope-side restaurants or end the day with a nice après-ski drink. Cheers!

“Sunny Alpe d'Huez is ideal for a versatile holiday. Here you’ll find ski slopes, quaint mountain villages and fantastic hiking routes.”

The authentic villages around Alpe d’Huez

There are a number of charming villages surrounding Alpe d’Huez. One nice town, only a 45-minute drive away, is Besse-en-Oisans. In this authentic village, the houses are made of wood and stone from the L’Oisans region. Stroll through the narrow streets and take a look inside the museum Maison Départementale des Alpages. Want to sample one of the local delicacies? Go for a Tourte de Besse. Bring this delicious artisanal bread along to the Emparis plateau and enjoy a relaxing picnic in one of Europe’s largest alpine meadows.