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Experience a great holiday in Greece

Want to vacation on an island that is full of history and boasts a wonderful climate? Greece has so many islands that you will be spoilt for choice! Whether you opt for a smaller island such as Zakynthos or Santorini, or a larger one such as Rhodes or Crete, the culture is impressive and the beaches are always lovely in Greece. If you are curious about the famous Greek temples and buildings, you can find them in the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki. With Transavia Holidays, you don't have to miss a single thing. Book your flight, rental car, hotel and activities. It’s time to enjoy that authentic Greek experience!

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Enjoy Athens and Thessaloniki

You can start your holiday, for example, in the capital city of Athens. Even though Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities, it's teeming with life. Feast your eyes on the Acropolis, and visit impressive historical buildings such as the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena Nike and the Erechtheion. This mountain also offers a sweeping view over Athens. Need a rest after all the climbing? Grab a seat at one of the many bustling terraces and enjoy a well-deserved portion of tzatziki washed down with a glass of ouzo. If you like good food, Greece is the place to go. In the charming city of Thessaloniki, they prepare the most delicious gyros, souvlaki and fresh fish for you. You will find the best restaurants In Thessaloniki's lively Ladadika district. While waiting for your order, admire all the beautiful and colourful buildings in this part of the city.

Archaeological highlights in the Greek interior

Prefer to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city? Hire a car and head to the interior of Greece. Here you will find the 'floating' monasteries of Meteora, an absolute highlight of your trip through Greece. In Meteora, there are six ancient monasteries built on magnificent rock pillars. It’s a spectacular sight that you will not easily forget! Make sure you don't miss the archaeological sites of Delphi and Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

"A world-famous history and an ancient culture, but alive as never before. In Greece, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in a holiday."

Brilliant beach holidays on every island

Choose one of the islands and discover that Greece offers many more great things. Fly to Crete for the perfect beach holiday. Greece's most famous island is also the place to go if you’re looking for more outdoor activities. You can go hiking; real adventurers can trek across the Samaria Gorge (a distance of 16 km). You will also find beautiful nature on Lefkas, one of the Ionian islands. and a favourite of many visitors. The island of Zakynthos also has stunning beaches. When you arrive here and look out at the turquoise sea, you will never want to leave. What about the characteristic white houses with the blue domed roofs? You will find those on Santorini. It is the most photogenic place you will ever come across. There are many other Greek islands where you can completely unwind. Which one will it be? The choice is all yours.