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Dubai, a world-class city in the desert

In the United Arab Emirates, you’ll find Dubai: a bustling world-class city, right in the middle of the desert. If glitz, glamour and snow-white sandy beaches are what you seek, this is absolutely the destination for you. The city combines shopping and Arabic culture with fantastic weather and stunning architecture. When you pick your own holiday options with Transavia Holidays, you decide for yourself what kind of holiday you’ll have. Book your flight, choose a hotel and sign up for a rental car or activity straight away. So when will you be hopping on a flight to Dubai?

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Admire the impressive skyline

You might not think so, but Dubai was once a humble little fishing village. In recent years, however, the city has developed into a vibrant metropolis. For instance, Dubai is home to one of the tallest buildings in the world, the Burj Khalifa. From the top, you can enjoy a staggering panoramic view of the city that includes the high-rise structures in the Dubai Marina district, the luxury hotels and the world-famous palm-tree-shaped island, Palm Jumeirah.

Shopping in retail paradise Dubai

Calling all shopaholics! In Dubai, you can shop to your heart’s content in the world’s largest indoor shopping centre, the Dubai Mall. Here, you’ll find all the well-known brands at reasonably sharp prices. The Dubai Mall is so large that one day is simply not enough to see it all! But Dubai Mall has more to offer than just shops. You can also relax and enjoy one of the many bars, cafés and restaurants. Or allow yourself to be astonished by the largest aquarium in the world, which houses more than 30,000 sea creatures.

"Impressive buildings and shopping centres, but also beaches and traditional Arabic culture: you’ll find it all in Dubai."

Discover Arabic culture

Curious about what Dubai was like when it was still just a small village? Learn about its history in the Dubai Museum and stop by Al Bastakiya, a picturesque neighbourhood filled with old houses and streets. Here, you can get a taste of how people lived in Dubai in the past. Or visit Medinat Jumeirah, a kind of village within Dubai itself. It’s a bit like Venice – but with an Arabic twist. Stroll around and see the sights, take a boat ride and grab a bite to eat at one of the charming restaurants.