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Experience multifaceted Georgia

Go on holiday to Georgia and step into a whole new world, from the Caucasus Mountains and the stretching wine fields to the capital city of Tbilisi with its rich history and architecture. Go on a trip through this country on the eastern coast of the Black Sea and dive into Tbilisi’s cultural highlights. Book your flight, favourite accommodation, and arrange a car rental with Transavia Holidays. This way, you won’t miss a thing from this Eastern European gem.


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Soak up culture in Tbilisi and get the holiday feeling in Batoemi

Discover Georgia’s enchanting capital city of Tbilisi, where old charm and modern influences come together. Stroll through the ages-old streets and marvel at the historic architecture which goes back to the 5th century. Make sure to visit the Narikala fortress as well, which is situated on a hilltop. It offers a breathtaking view of the city. Finish off your busy day in the Rike Park, a green oasis and modern architecture. The eye-catching Bridge of Peace is not to be missed. The coastal town of Batoemi is also highly recommended. This city has a long boulevard with cute restaurants and wonderful hotels and resorts. It has a lot of modern buildings to feast your eyes on. And of course, there is nothing better than spending a day relaxing on the beach.

“Georgia, where old history and breathtaking nature come together.”

On an adventure in the Caucasus Mountains

Georgia is full of gorgeous nature reserves. Get in a car rental and go on a day trip to the Caucasus Mountains. You will come by various historic buildings along the way, as well as lookout points towards the heartstopping nature. Or, seek out excitement through paragliding or rafting. Coming in winter? Then you can even strap on your skis and take on a fun track!

If you prefer to take it easy, Georgia is also a great place for a wine tasting among the outstretched vineyards of Kakheti. Here, you will also find many thermal baths, like in Borjomi.

Try the Georgian cuisine

A trip to Georgia is, of course, not complete without trying some of the local food. Georgian cuisine is known for its use of lots of herbs and vegetables. You also find lots of walnuts in dishes. Nigvziani badrijani, aubergine with a walnut paste is absolutely delectable. Or, try some Khinkali, a dumpling filled with minced meat and delicious spices.