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Explore the mesmerizing landscapes of Norway

Are you looking for great hiking in rugged nature, a breathtaking road trip or a chance to see the northern lights? Then Norway is your destination! This is the land of majestic fjords, gorgeous mountains and vast forests. Does that sound amazing? Book your flight, accommodation, rental car and activities all at once with Transavia Holidays.


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Discover the charming Norwegian capital

Oslo, the lively capital of Norway, is a wonderful destination for a city break filled with adventure, culture and natural beauty. One of the city's highlights is the world famous opera house. Its white marble and granite structure seems to rise from the water. Also visit Vigeland Park to admire the artwork of Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland.

A road trip through pristine nature

Are you trying to get the most out of your holiday? Norway is perfect for a road trip in the comfort of your own rental car. This is the best way to explore the country's jaw-dropping beauty at your own pace. Drive through magnificent landscapes with fjords, waterfalls, mountains and lakes.

"Feel one with nature in Norway, a paradise for adventurous travellers."

Experience real winter in Norway

Norway is beautiful in summer, but even in winter the landscape is magical. In winter you can ski, snowboard, snow-shoe, go cross-country skiing or ride a snowmobile. But the most unique attraction this time of year is the northern lights. Plan your visit to Tromsø between September and April for a chance to experience this magical natural phenomenon.