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Do you want to book an upcoming trip? Whether you want a last-minute break, a family holiday, a weekend getaway or a city break, with Transavia Holidays it's easy to put together your dream holiday. Book your flight, choose your hotel and arrange a rental car and activities at the same time. It's quick and easy to make a booking at very competitive prices.

Why Transavia Holidays?

Fast and flexible, at a competitive price

Transavia Holidays lets you put together your complete dream holiday. Pick your flight, reserve a hotel and even rent a car and fix an activity all at the same time. All that at a competitve price.

Money-back guarantee

If your holiday is cancelled in 2023 because of a negative travel advisory, you will get a refund on your booking.

Repatriation and SGR Guarantee

Your booking is covered by a repatriation and SGR guarantee. This means that we will always bring you home safely, so you can go on holiday with peace of mind.

Only the best accommodation

Whether you choose a hotel or a holiday home, we only offer accommodations with the best reviews on TripAdvisor.

Transavia Holidays powered by Airtrade

When you book a holiday with Transavia Holidays, you will enter into a contract with our partner Airtrade. Airtrade is an organisation affiliated with the ANVR (Algemene Nederlandse Vereniging van Reisondernemingen) and SGR (Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden). This is a guarantee that your trip is insured. You will receive all your travel documents by email from Airtrade. These include your Transavia e-ticket and vouchers for your hotel and rental car or activity. If you have any questions about travel your booking, Airtrade’s customer service team will be pleased to help.

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