Beer Towns

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Top destinations for beer lovers

You feel the sun on your face, you’re sitting comfortably on a terrace and you have a glass of ice cold beer in front of you… If that sounds like music to your ears, put together a holiday with Transavia Holidays and visit one of these amazing beer cities. Choose your flight, reserve a hotel and rent a car or book other activities. And you can do all of this for a great price. Cheers!

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The best destinations for beer lovers

Fly with us to the most exquisite beer cities. Time to pack your bags!

Discover Portuguese beers

Lisbon is a city known for its passionate Fado music, Saint George's Castle and the River Tagus. But did you know that Lisbon is also a true beer city? The Dois Corvos brewery is unmissable and has 12 unique beers for you to discover. We particularly recommend the IPA! If you explore the city by bike, don’t forget to visit the creative neighbourhood of Marvila. Alongside the street art and galleries, you’ll find trendy bars and restaurants with local beers on the menu. To recharge your batteries and enjoy a craft beer, go to the Quimera pub that is located in an old escape tunnel built in 1910. It’s an unforgettable experience!

“Relax in a beer bath while holding a nice cool pint. What a lovely experience!”

Prague is heaven for beer-lovers

Prague is one of Europe’s most popular cities for beer. It has numerous bars where you can enjoy a good beer for a good price. Furthermore, this is where the Czech beer festival is held each year, with live music, 120 varieties of beer and traditional Czech food. What a celebration! If you’re looking for somewhere that is both an alehouse and a restaurant, visit U Vejvodů. Here you can drink a fresh Urquell beer that has come straight from the beer barrel. Did you know that Prague has a beer spa? In Pivní Lázně you can take a dip in a huge beer bath, with a freshly poured beer of course!

Speciality beers in Rome

Although Italy is inextricably associated with wine, did you know it is also famed for its speciality beers? In the historic city of Rome, beer and sumptuous food go hand in hand. Baladin is a speciality brewery in Italy that you certainly cannot miss either. You can book a tour every Sunday and discover the exceptional story of Birra Baladin - unfiltered speciality beers that are conditioned in the bottle. Every single one of these beers has a unique taste. Salute!