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Agadir, Morocco's largest beach resort

Whether you prefer a city trip or a longer holiday, magical Morocco offers it all. This is the country where the fairytale world of Arabian Nights comes to life. Explore the country's largest beach resort and port city: Agadir. Enjoy breathtaking attractions, a sun-drenched beach, pristine nature and traditional Moroccan cuisine. Agadir offers all this and more!

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Time to draw up your sightseeing list

Agadir is synonymous with markets. The Souk El Had is one of the largest markets in Morocco. It has around 2000 market stalls with vegetables, fruit, spices, leather bags and beautiful Moroccan lamps. Did you spot some nice things? Try to bargain before you buy something. Afterwards go for a stroll and stop for lunch in one of the bustling streets. Soak up the local culture with a walk along Agadir's beach and admire the magnificent sunset. At night, go for a lovely dinner on the wide sandy beach. This area is packed with restaurants and bars. Would you like to sample authentic Moroccan cuisine? Then order a tagine with couscous.

“Agadir is a feast for your eyes.”

Surf and sun: the perfect combination in Agadir

Do you enjoy the seaside? Agadir offers outstanding aquatic activities. Learn how to surf, take an exciting jet ski ride or book a delightful boat tour. Stop along the way for a swim in the crystal clear sea.

Explore Morocco's pristine nature

Visit Morocco to enjoy impressive nature. Rent a car and take a scenic drive through the mountains. Drive towards Paradise Valley and delight in the palm trees, limestone walls and hiking trails. Make time for a lovely hike or go for a refreshing swim.

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