Wine towns

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Discover the best wine-growing towns

Looking for a unique experience? Book a wine trip. In addition to relaxing in beautiful quiet nature, you will also taste the best wines. During your holiday, visit vineyards and wineries and where you can sample and buy the locally-made (or even homemade) wares. With Transavia Holidays, you can put together your own tour of picturesque wine-growing towns and regions to visit. Book your flight, accommodation and activities in a single trip package and enjoy the good life.

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The top destinations for a wine holiday

Fly with us to the most exquisite wine cities. Time to pack your bags!

Experience an overnight stay in a wine barrel

For a unique experience, travel to Portugal. East of the city of Porto lies the Douro Valley, where some of the country’s best wines are made. Here, you can visit not only the oldest but the most scenic wine-growing regions in the world. Spend the night in a giant wine barrel with all the amenities, including a private bathroom and patio. For a wine lover this is a dream come true. In the morning, you awake to stunning views of the hills lined with all kinds of grape varieties. Getting curious about this lovely region?

“Wine lovers sample delicious wines at the best spots!”

The Champagne region of France

Craving a glass of elegant bubbly? Book a flight to Paris and rent a car for a road trip through the Champagne region. Here, you can visit the charming towns of Reims and Épernay, hike in the beautiful hilly landscapes and bask in the last rays of sun as it sets over the vineyards. Tip: make sure to stop and sample champagne in one of the many Champagne houses. Bordeaux is another well-known wine-growing region, where you can visit the actual chateaus where the wine is made, such as Chateau Pape Clément. Wander through small picturesque villages where it feels like you are stepping back in time. Take a break with an exquisite glass of Champagne at a charming restaurant or café patio. Santé!

Pro tip!

Although at most vineyards you can simply walk in and take part in a tasting, some require a reservation. Because winemakers are hard at work during the day and tend to disappear among the vines, it’s a good idea to book your tour in advance. Reserve a time to visit the Champagne houses or sign up for a wine tasting online.