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Picturesque and historic

The French city of Bergerac is just a short 90-minute flight from Rotterdam Airport. The small local airport is literally nestled among the vineyards. Though famous for its wine, Bergerac is also home to a wealth of art and history. With buildings dating back to the Renaissance, the churches, castles and various museums provide the city with plenty of historical appeal. Bergerac is also great for those who want a more active holiday. How does stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking in the Dordogne River sound? With Transavia Holidays, you can design your own holiday just the way you like it. Book your flight, choose your accommodation and activities and spend a fantastic holiday exploring Bergerac.


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Experience a wine tasting in a centuries-old castle

When people think of Bergerac, they think of wine. Wines from the Bergerac region have been famous since medieval times. It’s no wonder that you find many wineries here, where you will get expert advice and taste different wines. One well-known sweet white wine is Monbazillac. The medieval Chậteau de Monbazillac is located just a short distance outside the city. Today, the old wine cellar of the chateau houses a winery where you can sample and purchase this famous wine. A great souvenir of an unforgettable holiday!

Explore the old city

Bergerac’s rich history means there are many historical attractions to visit here. The main sights are all located within easy walking distance in the city centre. The Église Notre-Dame is one you don’t want to miss. This Catholic church was built in de 18th century and boasts an impressive 80-metre-tall tower. The Saint Jacques Church is worth a visit as well. This 12th century church has a vibrantly painted altar and is on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. Right next to the church is the statue of Cyrano de Bergerac. This statue tells the story of a famous writer and artist from the region. Has soaking up all that culture given you an appetite? In Bergerac, there’s no shortage of delicious food and drinks! There are countless charming cafés where you can enjoy the best croissants and pain au chocolate. The cosy bistros are inviting places to sip a glass of good wine and try out a local specialty like Coq au vin: chicken stewed in red wine. A delicious way to end your day.

“Bergerac is a city known for great wine, rich history and gorgeous natural beauty.”

Get out on the water

Like to keep active while on holiday? Go kayaking on the Dordogne. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned paddler, the river has a calm current that’s suitable for any level of skill. Take a kayak tour and enjoy some time out on the water, then simply drag your kayak ashore and enjoy a refreshing swim or a nice picnic. Is a boat ride more your speed? In that case, step aboard a gabarre. These traditional boats are typical of the Dordogne Region. The boats are long with a flat bottom, designed for use in shallow water. Every bend of the river reveals a different landscape. Sit back and marvel at the castles, fortresses and quaint villages along the rover banks.