Casablanca Marokko

Casablanca, Morocco's white city

Are you going on a city trip to Casablanca soon? Excellent choice! The Moroccan city of Casablanca boasts splendid mosques, lovely beaches and charming streets lined with white houses. Here you will also find the world's second largest mosque, the Hassan II, with a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. Do you enjoy shopping? Then Morocco Mall is the place to be. This huge shopping centre has beautiful architecture. In addition to shops, it also houses an aquarium and numerous restaurants. Put together your own unique trip to Casablanca. Book your flight, accommodation and fun activities in one convenient place with Transavia Holidays.

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Discover the culture of Morocco

Interested in discovering Moroccan culture? Local residents will welcome you into their homes for a glass of tea or a meal. Smell the fragrant aroma of Moroccan cuisine as you enter the house. Herbs and spices tantalise the senses. The most famous dish is couscous, but lamb and meat dishes are also very popular. Would you like to chat? In addition to Arabic, locals often speak some French or Spanish.

‘The white city of Casablanca is full of unique gems’

Visit the Hassan II mosque

Casablanca is full of gems. The Hassan II mosque is one of the city's most impressive attractions. The second largest mosque in the world and the highest religious building in the world, the mosque's prayer hall can accommodate 25,000 people. The building also houses a Koran school, a bathhouse, a library and a beautiful museum. Does it spark your interest? Make sure you make time for a visit.

The best places to spend the night

Are you looking for the best place to stay in Casablanca? Then book your accommodation near the old Medina, the walled quarter of the city. Here you find picturesque markets and lively restaurants. Another excellent spot is right next to the old Medina, in the Habous Quarter, also known as the new Medina. A tram provides quick and easy transportation to other areas of the city and there is lots to see and do. Prefer to wake up with a beautiful ocean view? Then book your accommodation right on the boulevard. When are you flying to Casablanca?