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Phenomenal Pula

The Croatian city of Pula lies off the Istria peninsula and if you’re looking to combine a city break with a road trip, then it’s the perfect destination. You should spend 2 days in amazing Pula and then discover Istria by car. Travel to the romantic cities of Rovinj and Poreč, enjoy the Kamenjak Nature Reserve or drive to the village of Motovun, which is famous for its truffles. If you love the sea, book a kayaking tour, go scuba diving or take a dolphin boat tour. Discover all the beauty that the Adriatic Sea has to offer. You can be sure of one thing: there’s never a dull moment in Istria.

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How the Romans influenced Pula

The most stunning sight in Pula is the amphitheatre. This ancient Roman structure is one of the best preserved amphitheatres. Close your eyes and let your imagination run wild. During Roman times, gladiatorial games were held here with more than 20,000 spectators. You’ll notice other Roman influences in the splendid city gates, such as the Gemini Gate and the Hercules Gate. The Temple of Augustus, with its museum inside, is also a remnant from Roman times. If you’ve worked up a thirst, pull up a seat at a terrace; there are plenty of options near the temple. Just relax and enjoy!

“Drive around the surrounding area, swim in the Adriatic Sea or eat truffles in picturesque villages: there’s just so much to do in and around Pula.”

Getting out of Pula

Pula is a great base for a trip through Istria. Nature lovers will have a wonderful time at the Kamenjak Nature Reserve. You can swim in the many bays and go snorkelling and discover the underwater world. Daredevils also have the option to go cliff jumping! Brijuni National Park is another treasure trove of nature. Sail by boat from Fazana to this spectacular group of islands and explore the largest island, Veliki Brijun, by bicycle or golf cart. If you’re looking for interesting cities, look no further than the romantic Rovinj, also known as Little Venice. Wander along the winding alleys or cross the boulevard. Poreč, with its historic Euphrasian Basilica is also highly recommended. If you like truffles, drive to Motovun, the truffle village, and enjoy delicious tagliatelle with truffles. You won’t believe your taste buds!

Pula by the sea

The rippling waters of the Adriatic Sea extend far beyond Pula harbour. Water enthusiasts take note: you can book the very best excursions on the water in Pula! For instance, you can take a kayak tour, explore huge caves or go snorkelling in the amazing bays. You can also book scuba diving tours. With a little luck, you might even spot a squid. If you’d rather stay above the water, dolphin tours are great fun. Scan the horizons for dolphins jumping out of the water as you savour Mediterranean snacks. If you love sun, sea and beaches, you’ll find the very best beaches around Pula, such as Ambrela Beach and Pješčana Uvala Beach. Enjoy the feeling of freedom and dive into the perfect, azure waters.