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Tromsø: the adventurer’s paradise

In northern Norway you will find Tromsø, an amazing city, encircled by fjords and snow capped mountains. But that’s not all. Tromsø is one of the best places in the world to see the northern lights. Definitely an experience you don’t want to miss! With Transavia Holidays you decide what your trip will look like. Choose your flight, the best hotel and book an activity or a rental car.

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Not flying to Tromsø? Then maybe these destinations are for you:

On a trip to discover the city

There will not be a dull moment during your trip to Tromsø. For architecture lovers, the Ishavskathedraal is a must see. Its design invokes thoughts of the snowy mountains and the gorgeous stained glass windows complete the picture. Or, pay the Tromsø Arctic Reindeer Park a visit. Here, you will feed the reindeer and learn more about the traditional Sami culture.

Experience the winter magic

In Tromsø, there aren’t just many things to see, but also many adventurous activities to experience! Go skiing, snowboarding, or explore the mountains during a snowmobile tour. Or, get pulled along by excited huskies while marveling at the breathtaking winter landscape. Visiting between October and February? Then you might even spot whales, orcas, and humpback whales.

“One of the main highlights while on holiday in Tromsø is getting to see the northern lights. It’s an experience that stays with you forever.”

On a yacht to the northern lights

If you go to Tromsø, don’t forget to go out in the evening. There is a big chance that you will spot the northern lights during winter here. Tromsø is actually one of the best places in the world to gaze at this incredible natural phenomenon. There are different ways to experience Tromsø’s northern lights, such as a boat ride, dog sled, or snowmobile.