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Discover historic Beirut

The vibrant capital of Lebanon, Beirut is a beautiful holiday destination with a rich history and lively culture. This gorgeous city on the Mediterranean has a lot to offer: historic sights, lively markets and outstanding restaurants. Whether you love culture or the beach, Beirut has everything you need for a wonderful holiday. Book your trip via Transavia Holidays and reserve some fun excursions at the same time.


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Learn about the history of Beirut

The best way to learn more about the history of Beirut is with a so-called Green Line Tour. This tour follows the famous green line that marks the division between the Christian and Muslim parts of the city. Beirut boasts many historic attractions. Visit the impressive Mohammad al-Amin mosque. This mosque is worth admiring both inside and out. The blue domes contrast beautifully with the rest of the mosque and the interior exudes the aroma of flowers.

"Jet-setters are flocking to a surprising Beirut.”

A surprising jet-set destination

It's hard to tell that Beirut has had such a tumultuous history. A fine example is the Mohammad al-Amin mosque which is located next to the Saint George Maronite cathedral. Two religions peacefully coexist here. This would have been unthinkable in the past. Today, Beirut is a modern city with a fun, hippy vibe. It has even gained a reputation as a jet-set destination. After the civil war, the city centre has been transformed into a luxury, modern site. Outside the modern city centre you can still find many traditional neighbourhoods. Visit the district of Mar Mikhael and explore its bars, art studio's and vintage shops.

A gem for culinary travellers

Beirut is known for its rich culinary scene. This is the city where flavours from the Middle East and Mediterranean cuisine come together. It's common to order a host of small dishes to share; a great way to sample many different flavours. Hummus, falafel and kebab are popular staples of Lebanese cuisine. You will also find restaurants serving fine fish and seafood dishes. Make sure you enjoy a hearty lunch, because the Lebanese tend to eat late at night. Coffee is also very popular in Beirut and is served in several different ways, Visit a traditional coffeehouse to discover how Lebanese people drink their coffee.

Curious about this wonderful destination? Let yourself be captivated by Beirut's many beautiful attractions. Book your flight, hotel and excursions all in one place with Transavia Holidays.