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Enchanting Napels

The port city of Naples is found in southern Italy, on an azure-blue bay in the Mediterranean. It boasts a well-preserved historic city centre full of remnants of the Roman era. Lovely squares, churches and palazzos are scattered about like gems. When you think of Italy, you naturally think of pizza. But did you know that pizza was invented in Naples? In Naples, you can enjoy the perfect balance between relaxing on the beach and visiting cultural attractions, and then cap off the day with a fantastic meal and a scoop of Italian gelato. With Transavia Holidays, it’s simple to book your flight or rental car and choose the best hotel. Benvenuto a Napoli!

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A day filled with history

The old city centre of Naples is packed with must-see attractions like Castel Nuovo. This medieval castle wouldn’t look amiss on the cover of a fairytale book. Tucked away in the small streets of Naples, you’ll find the Via Duomo: the road leading to the impressive Duomo cathedral. It boasts eye-catching decorated ceilings, a number of small chapels and a beautiful floor. Another unique spot in the middle of the bustling city is the cloister garden behind the Santa Chiara church. Two intersecting paths divide the garden into four equal sections. Be sure to note the beautiful ornately-decorated columns and benches from the 18th century that stand around the flowerbeds. The walls that form the edge of the garden boast painted murals depicting events from the Old Testament.

"A fantastic wealth of history, magical coastline and mouth-watering food make Naples an unforgettable destination."

Adventure awaits!

South-east of Naples lies the volcano known as Mount Vesuvius. It is one of the few active volcanoes in continental Europe and you can get a close-up look of its crater. Lace up your hiking shoes and set out on an adventure! The first step to climbing the volcano is a four-kilometre hike. There are multiple spots along the way where you can stop and take a break, grab something to eat or drink and even buy souvenirs. Once you reach the summit, you can walk a bit around the 300-metre deep crater and enjoy a spectacular view of the Gulf of Naples. If you’re lucky, you may even see a wisp of smoke rising from the crater.

A trip back in time

When you climb Mount Vesuvius, a visit to Pompeii naturally goes hand-in-hand with the experience. When Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, this Roman town was buried in a layer of lava and ash. As a result, Pompeii has remained astoundingly well-preserved. It is almost hard to believe that the buildings and temples in the town date from antiquity. See and be amazed for yourself as you walk past the archaeological excavations.

Find tranquility on the coast

Near Naples, you’ll find the enchanting Amalfi Coast. This famous coastline is considered the most beautiful in the world. The coastal motorway winds some 50 kilometres past picturesque villages where the brightly coloured houses have been built right up against the steep rock cliffs. Every village has its own atmosphere and character. Sorrento, for instance, is known for its lemons and is where the traditional liqueur Limoncello originated. Positano, on the other hand, is famous for its lovely sandy beach and steep, narrow alleyways between colourful façades. But all the villages have one thing in common: a fantastic view of the vivid blue sea, charming patio cafés and a gorgeous setting.