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Astounding Verona

Verona exudes authentic history. Explore the narrow, winding streets in the old city centre, the entirety of which is a listed World Heritage site. Wander aimlessly and stroll past Roman city gates and medieval castles. Admire the Adige river, that meanders gracefully through the city. Then walk back across the lovely bridges into the heart of the city and grab a seat on one of the many patio cafés on various piazzas. So when will you book your trip to Verona with Transavia Holidays?

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A step back in time

Visiting Verona is like diving into history. Here, many Roman buildings can still be seen today, including the 2000-year-old Arena, a colossal amphitheatre. Close your eyes and it’s easy to imagine gladiators and wild animals stalking about the ring. Want a taste of the Arena’s ambiance in action? Attend a concert or opera. Walking through the city gate known as Porta Borsari or across the iconic Ponte Pietra bridge, you’ll picture yourself in ancient Rome. Up for a bit of romance? Stroll to ‘Juliet’s house’, immortalised in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Legend has it that if you want to be lucky in love, you should rub the statue of Juliet.

"In the city of Romeo and Juliet, you’ll find romance, history and authentic Italian hospitality."

Cheerful city squares

Many of Verona’s charming, narrow streets end in lively squares or piazzas. At the foot of the Arena lies the Piazza Bra. On this pleasant square, you can listen along with one of the fantastic concerts being given in the amphitheatre. Via the popular high streets Via Capello and Corso Porta Borsari, you can make your way to the Piazza delle Erbe. Thanks to the hustle and bustle of the market stalls and the sun-soaked patios, this square is a perfect place to take some rest after exploring the city. Prefer to catch your breath on a quieter square? In that case, walk to the Piazza dei Signori, also called Piazza Dante by the locals. From here, you can admire the ornate façades and arches.

Verona and more

From Verona, it’s only a quick trip to the lovely Lake Garda. Book a boat tour and discover the lake’s picturesque setting. Set a course for the unique Sirmione peninsula, where you’ll find the Grottoes of Catullus. And if a daytrip to the vineyards of Valpolicella is more your speed, be sure to reserve a spot on a cultural wine tour of a winemaking estate. Sample the popular local wine Amarone – we think you’ll be sold. Put together your own trip package at Transavia Holidays and make your Italian adventure an unforgettable one.